Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 6 - Fri. "Silver Bottom"

  1. SLV - if/when silver puts in a bottom this will move, ah's it was 33.5.
  2. ZSL - is a great play when silver falls.
  3. SWSH - great rebound, see if it can move again.
  4. AKAM - big run early on, should push one more time.
  5. TZOO - first day we see a strong mkt this will be a leader.
  6. JBL - made money for me today on the long and short side. 
  7. SVNT - faded all day, looking for more fade or support and reverse.
  8. ZSTN - big run early on, but fell short.
  9. TBL - nice reversal could play this one with size.
  10. LLEN - pre-bell open Friday looks to have potential near 6.50 to 6.65. The aggressive widening pattern in place would have us targeting potential long plays in LLNW early on Friday. Buyers may want to sit close to the 6.40 to 6.55 area, a range that could set up as a morning bottom and perhaps see some pops back into the higher 6s.
  11. PWER - A pre-bell open Friday looks to have potential near 8.30 to 8.43. The aggressive next-day movement off upside evening trade would have us looking at long plays in PWER Friday. Early buyers may want to linger near 8.20 to 8.35, an area that could hold as a bottom support and perhaps see lift back toward the mid-8s.
  12. SD: -1.4%; earnings meet Street view
  13. RHT - company announced that it has expanded its relationship with Amazon Web Services. Red Hat  said customers can now purchase supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux via AWS's on demand, pay as you go Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. 
  14. KLIC - longed some today, 11.03, for a swing, nice moves up, but I wanted to hold over so I didn't lock.