Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 3 - Fri. "Step up 2 Set up"

Milestone LLC
  1. KV.A - chart is beaten down from high of 15 to low of 2, working its way up to test 4 today, look for it to pull/consolidate, perk and retest to get long. hearing its should be 5 by next week (rumor).
  2. HIL - popped over 7 and tried to hold early on, s/s some and made a nice bit, reshorted some at 7 and just when it was bout to drop cnbc comes on and talks about its contract in Iraq, stock held, I'll be looking to get short on it again, 7.5area. 7.25 is more likely.
  3. COCO - beaten chart again here, up on news, I'm short biased on a 5 washout, target 4.25ish.
  4. CIGX - lil bit of a double top, today was a strong day to get some puts, I didn't yet, but was looking in July 4's.
  5. CHBT - beat chart looking like new 52's everyday, but I'm watching closely for some support to get long. 
  6. ZAGG - textbook chart for the break out, but I'm looking for real strength to get short. A move over 11.5 should test 12, a strong move over 12 should be a good profit taking point to short. 
  7. VHC - sad I missed the short entry will look for strength early on to short, then watch for the g/r red move to capitalize, should bring a washout, large short float.
  8. ZQK - strong tendency to add to an after-hours gain in next-day trade would have us looking at a potential long play on the shares Friday morning. Early buyers may want to test the waters in the 4.70 to 4.80 area, levels likely to catch a revisit early tomorrow and perhaps see strength back up near 4.90 or higher.