Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 7 - Tues. "Milestone_______"

Milestone LLC
  1. EBIX - ceo came out and defended company, shot up from there looking for continuance.
  2. AEN - looking to play the 1 cross long.
  3. KV.A - nice pullback, looking to take some long sub 3's.
  4. ZN - big pop up to 8, then pull back, looking for it to set up possibly bounce at 6.
  5. CIGX - I have june 4 puts, stock was down below 4 in ah's, looking for much more red.
  6. OXGN - data came out tonight, nothing to write home about, short biased on 5 fail.
  7. COOL - navailer said to get long below 4, that it was a bargain, only on watch for 4 cross, imo.
  8. VIT - extremely red, fraud behind this, is catching defenses, play the bounce.
  9. PNSN, EXEL, AMRN - all on secondary watch.
  10. PBY - Sell momentum was most aggressive Monday night between 12.80 and 12.20, an area for shorts to watch for a possible near-term ceiling level to form. More risk tolerant shorts may want to test the waters closer to the 12.20 to 12 area as this range held as a top through the late evening on Monday.