Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 8 - Wed. "Looking Long"

  1. MOBI - looking for a reversal at some point, problem is we got unlock tomorrow on 60m shares at 8 offering. So its just on close watch for now. 7 seems to be a level of interest, maybe 6.5 catches and then watch for 7 cross.
  2. EGHT - this is the kind of set up we look for. Stock has broken above resistance at 3.4, should push and test 3.5, possible 4 fail bring a good s/s spot. 
  3. LAVA - just popped on my radar today, so no play, but stock is at 52's and above resistance, see how it reacts to 8, if it crosses or if it fails, play accordingly.
  4. KV.A - starting to perk, has been sideways for a while now, just watching for optimal set ups, sub 3's seems to be vry appealing. 
  5. TLB - bad e/r, flattened stock out today, looking for perks. 
  6. BIDU - considering some July calls. 
  7. ZAGG - feels prime to break out, got awarded a patent.
  8. JAMN - they are controlling this thing upwards now, long till otherwise, 2.2x2.5 tests.
  9. MCP - Sellers were most aggressive Tuesday night at 57.50 down to 56.60, levels shorts may want to eye as a possible near-term ceiling level that could see weakness into the lower 56s, or again drop toward the 55s.
  10. LDK - historical widening trend in place off evening downside moves offers opportunities for shorts on Wednesday. LDK had difficulty Tuesday night holding upside support off the 7.10 to 7.00 area, levels that could form as a near-term ceiling and perhaps catch some downside drift back into the higher 6s.