Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 15 - Fri. "First Things First"

  1. SPU - looking for a bull flag break out. 3.3ish area is key for this upside move.
  2. DCTH - down after secondary offering in ah's. 5 stood as good support, might get some sideways consolidation w/perks, justa watch. 
  3. JVA - sub 20's, but took some long at 19 right before ah's ended, looking for a little early relief in the stock, will take gain early.
  4. AFFY - very long base, when it breaks out will run. 8 is the break out point, set an alert for 7.75 so when it breaks that you will know and can watch it more closely.
  5. AEA - sold off after hitting 52's, will probably short on pops, maybe 8.8. 
  6. ICGN - broke out, then sold off and broke out further, did a over/under top at 8, short from 7.5's so I'm way otm, but looking to cover on sell off, if/when it comes or will take off at 8+ for loss and retry. 
  7. AGYS - close to being a solid short 10 fail. 
  8. JBII - grabbed some long sub 2's, this thing has sold off from 4+, looking for reversal, didn't wait for it to show me support just grabbed some, not the best idea, could see more down side before any trend change. 
  9. CDTI - still got some shorts, although I cover'd half my position from 6.5 - 5. 89 today, looking for a pop early, then fade and peeps slowly forget about it as it fades away into oblivion. 
  10. SCEI - looks very nice for a long, nice base break out long, might get some on any weakness/dip and look for r/g move and go.