Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 19 - Tues. "Playing Cards"

  1. ABAT - took it long this morning at 1.12, and took some over, was catching some higher prints ah's and looking to gap up some, The break out move was today so it may be few days swing, depends.
  2. VALV - took small amount short at 3.2 and small again at 3.4, ave is 3.3 on 200 shares, just a feeler until it pops, def #1 on short list for tomorrow. Looking to get some size early. I dont see this pushing much higher. Stock is up 140% in 4 days.
  3. TAOM - this ipo just keeps pushing, this is more of a valuation play, read seeking alpha for your own determination, this is in virgin territory so no overhead. 
  4. ICGN - took some long at 8 today, might pull and gear and push and give us a nice run tomorrow. 
  5. FEED - on my short bias watch for now.
  6. REDF - also on short watch, although 16 looks like the right price, which means we could go long first, we'll see.
  7. SCEI - was long early on 2.25, sold for 12c gain, idk on this one, not confident in the short or the long, just on watch for a set up. 
  8. CDTI - caught a huge u/g tgt, which was 40-60 respectively, lol. On watch, for crazy moves. 
  9. EGHT - first day it bounced off of lows and went r/g. Looking to add size on a dip, should see some sideways price action w/perks and eventual retest of 5.
Play The Cards Your Dealt