Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 20 - Wed. "Rolling in the Deep"

  1. SIHI - looking good for along swing, break out over 1.35ish. Add on pulls, dont chase up there, could still trend sideways for a bit. This is exactly the time you want to take it long though, on this sideways price action look for it to gear and test 1.33.
  2. VALV - I took a small short late in the day 3.44, was up like 10-15c but figured I'd keep it in there, I can't see this stock pushing 4. If does, will cut loss and retry. Adding short on paras.
  3. NEWN - has alot of shorts in it, probably squeezes them to 5 fail. I am short biased though, if it goes 5, will try small short, then 5.5 add size, thing looks like its got 2 days in it, I know this is crazy considering this move. dont mark my words.
  4. REDF - IL nailed this in chat today on the short, such a huge move down that I'm inclined to try the r/g move tomorrow and take it long. 
  5. AMSC - beat chart, trending sideways, heard some rumors that Sinoval may initiate contract with them again, if this is true stock will look to reverse trends. On watch. 
  6. HNSN - my favorite find today. Stock is getting close to parabolic action, should rip soon, but its kinda forming a top here at 5, with a fail soon in the making, might try the short soon or let it ride and see if we can get it to go parabolic and short it then. 
Strike while the Irons hot.