Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Sep 29 - Thurs. "Strategy+"

LQDT - hit news 52's today, I'm short biased on this parabolic. 36 stood as a top today, maybe it tries to go 40's first, in that case you could possibly go long, just not my slice of pie. boomwin

CIS - Like this one long, nice drop and some solid sideways price action, 3.2 stood as support, looking to add on any kinda weakness combined w/same patterns and indicators we always look for.

IFT - on watch just cause of the huge drop it had, did not play it today just cause I didn't like the reasons why it bounced, imo was because it was down so much, peeps just jumped in and was pure gamble. Now, looking for it to actually set up.

IOC - 2 awesome washes in the past 2 days, and nice rebounds, same idea again if we get a solid drop, probably has put in a low here at 38, old time support there. Think of the 3 levels outlined below as support and resistance lines depending on where the stock price is at. Ideally, suspect a double bottom, maybe higher low if she pulls.

RLD - haven't played this one yet, but its on watch just cause of the double bottom, possible long, even though its real sloppy dub bottom. We gona see.