Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 11- Tues. "Flatness"

AKAM - Short biased off pops, specifically in between 23.5-24 area, the 24 fail would be ideal. 24 to 25 its starting to see resistance from the big gap down 2 months back. Its up from that 18 spot to 24 in 4 days, so we dealing with partial para.

ILMN - Long bias off washouts, short off paras.

VRTX - great trade today in chat, from 40.40 to 41.4, I grab'd about 70cents of that move, possible double bottom, would love for it to wash again so I can get size on the long, cause right now I been just building into positions.

NFLX - solid bounce off of the washout today, but I bet we see sub 100's soon.

TZA - been going to this if mkt looks like its going to roll over. Long bias.