Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 17 - Thurs. "Up 4 Discussion"

ANF - keeping this on watch, didn't expect it to pull back so much, we may see lower lows, but keep in on watch for the long. Stock missed eps last night .57 v. .71, not awful, Cnbc came out and said "I dont know why anyone would be long" which is why I would be long. 47 low, but I think 48 does an over/under bottom for a bit. I think their Europe stores are hurting, but this is their secondary market.

QCOM - 57.5 aoi (area of interest) was thinking for the longest that it would be a good long on a gear & perk through that spot, but now I'm beginning to think I was wrong in that assessment and that 57.5 is going to be an over/under top we should short into. On watch.

LNKD - stock wants to crack 70 so bad, short bias, next hit target for the market imo.

AMR - heard some news tonight on fox about them possibly going bankrupt. Keeping on watch, super beat, and at an important crack level. this is the parent company for American Airlines.

TSRA - good news they reuped with samsung, but I'm technically short biased on pops.

TIBX - one of the better rangers lately, long weakness and short paras. Keep ur eyes open for the set up basically.