Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 18 - Fri. "Fears Ugly Head"

PERY - flatlined at 14, see if she can perk off of it, long on any washouts idea.

MOS - possibly more lows before she tries to reverse, analysts say this is oppertunity to get long, i think more money coming out, I'd be short until you see reversal, chase ur entry on the long if need be but dont be early.

CRM - some decent volume off off 111 area, 119 stood as a ceiling in ah's trade, I like the 119 to 120 failure and short out of the gate for a scalp, this stock alot of people love so I'm thinking if it gets back to lows, possible long

NTAP - haven't played this yet, but I'm eying the long off of support levels. 33-35.

YOKU - on watch for continuance, possible long on weaker open or short on a strong one, depends on mkt, fear seems back in high demand.

ANF - could try to gear and test that 50 spot again, probably has some trouble, could be long until then.