Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 21 - Mon. "Short Week"

BCSI - long idea on any dips below 17, 16.85 (where I'll be looking) possible move back up towards the 20 area before it puts in a dub top and prolly be a good fade after that point, also could do a lower high. Their eps beat with results and guidance, among receiving about 5+ upgrades. Resistance is 20-21 area.

MOS - Nice range in this one, I think it pulls back again. 53.5 being resistance on a breakout though and 52.5 being support on a breakdown, play accordingly, I'll be watching (call it out live in chat or maybe twitter).

RMBS - stock does not want to break down, but I think eventually it does. Will be watching if with a short bias.
NG - I love this chart, I like its top formation around 11.25 and 11.5 area, will be watching for pops to short. Covering on dips below 11, will hold for ultimate crack at 10.5 if it comes.

NTAP - Obvious long bias for me on this one, could still fall to 33 area before it decided to reverse. Look for spa and strength in the form of g&p.

SIRI - I feel a play coming on soon on this one, it got alot of pumps saying to long the stock, feeling that some real money is gona start coming out of this, short possibly.