Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 28 - Wed. "Can You Dig It"

AKAM - short bias on pops towards todays hod, 32.5. I played this one perfect in my brain today, long first then short later, cept I didn't short later took it long again and wiped out my previous gains almost entirely.

RAM - short soon, 2.75 area of interest, might need to blow 3+, look to take that pop short (swing for maximum potential).

TIBX - dub top at 24.75, short bias, 24 crack, 23.8 ideal target on the short.

SHLD - they closing 120ish Kmarts, lol. Sorry that sentence just sounds funny, but anyway, I'm eying long off of some washout, stock kept shedding in ah's below 33.

WAG - officially hate this stock, but long bias on early weakness 32.75-33.25 I'm thinking a good start in between these levels.

QCOM - short bias on this 55 rounding top, this for a trade only I took it short 54.9 and held over.

CAVM - Lower revenue outlook, 26 short term support, 25 longer term, eying longs off these levels, might be a nice fade in this one, although, buyers flooded in around 25.6 in ah's.

MRX - cuts Q4 outlook, eying long, but you need to see sideways price action first and foremost, alot of times these outlook cuts are good shorts first, then cover on flatness and reverse trends. 29 3/4ths support.

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