Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 29 - Thurs. "Short Mentality From Here"

ADSK - Short bias, 29.75 is support, but if she cracks that, would should see at least 29, possible subs. Keep in mind SPY gona need to be weak for this to happen, SPY had a pull today, which was nice something similar should suffice.

END - 9.5-10.25 is resistance, we could see a weak open and a r/g move for a long possibly, I won't be playing that, rather I'd be short biased on pops to 10 area.

MCD - could maybe scalp the long first, but what I'm thinking is that 100 stands as resistance now that she has popped above and fallen back below, ideal is maybe scalp a long from here to 100, then use 100 as a top and short around that area, looking for a crack back down below 100.

EZCH - short bias 28.65 was support, but now that the stock is below that point it should serve as a decent resistance with too many fails and a 28.5 fail to hold we should see <28 test and potential crack to fade.