Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 12 - Thurs. "Get'n It Right"

COG - got a prob, its drop'd so much that no one wants to put up much size until they realize that the trend has turned. all it got was some downgrades so now I say, my friend just learn. accumulate the dips around 69 and you will make the chips. while everyone lose, buy now and your target will be the 72's.

MAKO - has made doe for so much they dont wana sell, but pigs get slaughtered and its on its second day of making waves. So I'd advise, you to try to short that rise at or around 35, keep it small and add in as it starts to die, I guarantee you'll thank me for your bucks and portfolio size.

CROX - what a CROX of shit, this probably is one of the most over bot stocks in the biz. Dumb thing is I see it running to 20+. Of course I'm short biased, but only on boomwin indicators cause thats proven money +.

JAZZ - is bull flagging, this fool's bagging any shorts that want to average in. Prolly see this thing hit 49 or 50 and never crack again, but in reality I"m short biased, I'll prolly wait for that pop to the upper 49's and short buy it or sell it.

RENN - prolly gaps over 4 for the hell of it. Just buy the dip! Its $SIMPLE, $STUDY!!!!

QCOR - got beat like a cheating cheater, drop'd so fast cuz Street Sweeper knows how to release heaters. I'm looking long though, 35.5 hit it, but stop at <35 if I"m wrong through. good nite so long yo.