Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 13 - Fri. "Lets Get it"

screenr was messed up so no vid

JDAS - Q4 was below est, 28.57 support, 27.72 bounced hard and drop'd and flattened out at 28.5 if she doesn't hold we'll see 27.75 test again, but think long, just wait for it to set up boomwin indicators will be enough to set you up  for a perfect entry. 30.25 - 31 think short bias.Bottom prolixly drop on this one first, then think long.
FDO - I love the long, 54 cross and this thing rockets to 55-56. Needs to break through these little grimy ass levels before we see her go.

BVSN - rip, pull, it'll pull and flatten out, look for r/g cross and then look for previous highs.
RENN - buy the dip was cake, we gona see it go 4.62 where it stops, go figure 5 maybe get tested.
OSG - dont like it, , maybe a long 12.5.
YOKU - bs news and stop ripped up, its going 20's, possible higher.
MCP - parabolic over res, 30.43 -34.80's I'm short biased.

JAZZ - no play, but keep on watch. short the 48-49 fail.45's got support bish, and it will squeeze short swingers.

COG - I meant they are bearish on it, but its gona flatten out and run, low 60's I'd be looking long, doesn't mean you can't short first.

MAKO - I got cut off from the vid but its going back to 35 whether you like it or not, maybe then we get a nice para and short.

there really wasn't many more left

CROX - 18.5 area of interest anything over that spot I think is a short, 19 fail would be good weak indicator.

STX - is going 20+.
SINA -  topping off here at 60 though, I'd be shorting 61 fail.

DMDN - feds reopened inquiry into financial practices. Let it fall as much as possible, buy some shares and sit on them expecting total loss.