Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Wed 18 - Tues. "Make it Count"

Tues eps:
NFLX - eps date is Jan 25th, should have some selling off action between now and then, good range in this, 89 -103.

DMND - I think there is more fraud here than people assume now, I'm thinking we see lower than 26, no play for me unless we get some crazy washout.

RAM - obviously this mofukr wants to rocket past 3.5, but we got some super long resistance at 4, from 10-15 years ago, just a good place to think stop, cuz any res older than a few months to a 1-2 years is obsolete imo.

FFN - I'd like to see this one get accumulated on dips, if .70 holds, and push 1+ for a target of 1.49.

WBMD - 28 resistance and she prolly comes back down

ZAGG - WMT deal? yeah right, early morning tuesday short the pop 10-10.25 area, but seems like it starts off weak and does a r/g run, if not short strong.

ROVI - almost a guarantee this one goes back to 33 aand pulls again, could play it either way, keep a watch.

ANR -has such a great range and I Love the face that it wwent to 20 and held I'd be a buyer on andything bleow <20, watch the SPY

MAKO - creeping higher wants to rip thtrough 35.

FDO - my long favorite I'd accumulate 53's and hold for 55.

MCP - short it  why whoudl it be 30?

STX - short it, no 20's

IDIX - short 14.5-15, but no overheard, could easily 15+ next wekke, if weakness, but weakness adn go long, vice versa.