Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 31 - Tues. "Rogue Status"

Market is figuring out that it needs a break, we had a larger pull today than we've had in over a month, of course we grinded back somewhat, but at this point my general market mood is we pull on the SPY to 127.38 area, not overnight, but you should be swinging shorts and scalping those longs. Could I be wrong, but we all know market feels heavy and is due for a rest, its natural/normal, just dont be in a long with size when it happens. Anything over 132 on the SPY now I feel like the stocks that are overextended and popping with it will be targets for my money (short side).

TUESDAY, Jan. 31
Extended-Hours Earnings: AFL (hail storms may have hurt their eps), AMZN, BRCM, XOM, HW, HP, ILMN, JDAS, MTW, MAT, PFE, QGEN, UPS, X - there are many more, but these the ones I watch.

AMLN - 14.6 had trouble, although 15-15.5 is my ideal entry for short.

JCP - 42.25 hod, any pops and topping to that area, I'd be looking short.

GTXI - 6.25 is where I have an alert to start a possible short or at least to start watching.

VPRT - short pops @ 37.12 short, altough not much over head if it gets over this point, could run to 44.22

ROVI - 32.65 over head resistance, which I like for a short, but where it gets tricky is that this is a washout play from months ago and if it can by some chance rip that spot, we could see a long go to 39+, on the short side the gain is only 30-31ish so not many points to gain there, which is why I'm torn with a long bias because the upside gain is 6+pts. (numero uno watcher tomorrow).

END - 10.50 is long time resistance and its trying to kick over and run, upside 11-11.6 area target (each of those points have res).

PMC - around 11.5 I see possible support stepping in, purely technical, but might be worth a feelr.