Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


NEP - A Technical Short

So first let me show you what I see for the short argument....

 Reasons Why its a short:
  1. 3.25 has been its nemesis for a year now, each time it hits it goes back to 2.00
  2. Thats a full points gain on 5k shares is $5000, more or less you decide your size.
  3. This is running on momentum, when that stops it will fade off and today may be the day its done, either today or we get another pop to 3.25 adn short that and watch the fade, but "the Candlestick Wick reversal" pattern is in play here, imo.
  • No position yet, but I intend on trying to grab shorts closer to 3.25 or on a 3 crack I'll chase and ride it for 25c or so.
  • 2.75 being short term support.