Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 2 - "Grind..."

Kinda tired tonight so I'ma keep it short, sweet and to the point. 

GMCR - no chart, buy dips, it'll run on good news.
JDSU - I'd short 14.5

QCOM - buy weakness, tops out at 63.5-64.
SD - short first on pops, then look to get long just above 6.

SFLY - this one so beat, I'd be more prone to buy the support and wait for a defensive news story from you know who, big short float in this one.

RLD - 11.5 next res, could run till then, so you buy the weakness and hold it, give yourself a stop, whatever ur comfortable with.

ROVI - been saying it'll grind higher price target just below 40, 39.3 to be exact. no chart for that reason, 3rd time I mention.
VPRT - its bouncing around too much up here could rip, could pull, almost inclined to say it rips through 40.
STX - short this as they loose market share thier stock value and eps with decrease and they will be a 10buck stock again.
AMZN - always long biased on big drops is what I said yesterday and 7pts today gain.
BRCM - trying to do a double top, but no real res other than that until 38.and a quarter.
AMLN - I swing short charts like these until they back to 12, everyone and their uncle yelling buyout, but why would they announce a buyout after a huge run up? they wouldnt' they'd wait, its not strategical, its up off approval of a drug and eps.
YMI -short the line.

MW - Short bias, but only if mkt starts to fade.
MAKO - same idea as MW, but more chance of a gain here.