Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 13 - Tues. "Trade the Setups"

URBN - .27c  v. .29c resulted in a slight earnings miss per share. Last year this time it was .45c. Revenue was inline at $730.6mil. With only a slight miss expect the stock to try to flatten and reverse. Short first if you catch it early enough around a 30 fail. After hours saw support for the stock at <28. I will be looking long off of those levels unless we see a washout on the open.

CLNE - mixed Q4 results. loss of .21c v. estimates of a loss of .14c a share. Last year was .18cent loss so this year was slightly worse, which isn't good for the company and should bring lower prices for the stock in the next day or so. 2 points that saw alot of selling after hours were between 20.5 and >21. The 21 fail will be ideal to short tomorrow.

the stock has been in a strong uptrend for 3 months, this could be what changes its trend...

YOKU - I'd be thinking long until it shows signs of letting up. Important to note that 30-40 is resistance from a year ago. Split the difference and we find alot of resistance at 35, since its up a significant amount already, I'm thinking 34 area as some vague guess to where she stops.