Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 9 - Fri. "Hard Knock Life"

APOL - took some long, it closed slightly down on me today, but looking to swing it and see if we can get that 43 cross soon.

VHC - on a big run from 19-24, looking for a little more on the long side and then I'll be eying short, possibly 25 area.  I did not check what the driving news was behind this, so take with gain of salt.

SINA - could have a sell off on the open, will be watching this one closely tomorrow with a short bias on ly for a trade, I could see it catch support again and try for 77.5 (over that would breakout)

HPQ - I like this one for a swing long if you accumulate dips, using <24 as a stop.

IPSU - had absolutely no bounce in it today after posting good news about selling part of company, watching tomorrow for some life long.

MCD - nice downside pull, Cramer said he'd be longing size on this pull.

SQNM - I like the short play on strength. 4.3-4.5 I'd be looking to short and stop at 5 or less.

DSCO - kinda messed up my plan on this long today, took some long 3.93x3.94 and could of sold for 10c, but held and let it turn into a loser, playing damage control, but possibly could be a swing if it can get in gear.