Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


March 8 - Thurs. "Escape Artist"

AMAG - disclosed that a phase 3 study of its anemia treatment achieved primary endpoints. Buyers looked confident around 15.25 all the way up towards 16 an area you might want to eye for a long with a target area around 16.5+.

SQNM - stock moved higher even though they posted a Q4 that missed results. 15.5mil v. 15.8mil, so only 300k of a loss on revenue, but I'll be eying a short on this, these types of #'s dont constitute a 13% pop.

DECK - stern agee hit this stock late in the day and brought it tumbling down, will be eying pops to short into for further dissipation of shares. Put up awful e/r #'s a month ago too, super vague. I think its finally catching up to price action, justa side note.

APOL - love the trend thats setting up here, possible long, look for it to get up to 43 test, possible cross and push higher.