Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 18 - Tues. "Present"

SWHC - long on weakness. tragedy at these school shootings, but for this to rollover into bans on guns is never going to happen. imo, there will be a run on guns, I bet people go buy guns more now than ever. washlong, it finally filled that bottom at 8.6, now if it cracks or panics lower eye the start.

RVBD - long bias, stock broke out at 18.25, 20ish target.

KKD - broke over new 52's today, should continue higher.

SINA - The washlong possible short. 49.5 area watch. when it bounces it bounces, so careful this may have a ton more upside.

VELT - s/s watch tomorrow on any para over 4.96, which is where the gap down was at, first candle showed up, it wick'd at 5.2 so u need to feel into those areas.
BAC - flag breakout, flag breakout, short watch now, getting overextened quickly. The bigger the Para the better, so let it run.