Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 19 - Wed. "Faded"

YPF - extreme short watch now. 15.9 - 16.59 is resistance, as close to top I nail s/s.

ARIA - long bias over 20.29 should break out, target $21.75 ish, hard to tell. Lock paritals on the way.
ANR - buy early weakness for 10 mag.

TASR - 8.4 is/was the breakout, but this happened to fast so I'm looking to short a move towards 8.61 for a simple trade. Ideally, the long is probably the play for a push back towards 52's, but I'd rather take the short, then look to buy dips later. If weak open though, could be r/g play.

ZQK - also on watch, this moves slower, so swing imo. 4.1 area start.
TKR - short watch with the 48 para or fail.